What Do I Wear to My Photoshoot?

You may or may not have a vision already of what you want to achieve from your photoshoot. After confirming your booking, I would suggest starting a vision board on outfits right away. Pinterest is a great place to start to see some ideas. However, if you find yourself seeing waaaay to many different styles and now you are more confused than before, welcome to the club. I am writing this to help those that need a little bit of guidance from a photographer perspective. On here, I will give some examples of outfits previous clients have worn depending on the location. This should help you see what you have in your closet or if you go shopping, what to keep in mind.

studio photoshoot

Studio Looks

I offer sessions based on studio or outdoor.

Some studios already have a theme and others are very minimalistic with plain back drops. I let you know the setting of the studio when you book so you have an idea of what to expect. This should help with the choice of outfits you decide to bring. For my studio sessions, you can bring two outfits. I usually recommend doing a casual look and a dressed up one. If you already have a vision, you are more than welcome to share it with me when you book.


As I mentioned above, we sometimes shoot with plain backdrops. There are different colors available, but I usually try to stay with neutral tones. My client came with 2 outfits for this session. First look was double denim, and her second outfit was a little more formal which is the one above. The colors of her outfit and the backdrop are similar but not the same. This allows the setting to tie together. I would suggest wearing solid colors and staying away from prints if you are trying to do a timeless look. Neutrals are your best friend with studio photoshoots. If you are more about pop of color, we can discuss what color back drop will work with the colors you decide to wear.


This studio has a vintage feel to it. In this image, we have wallpaper in the background, the curtains have a bird print to them and antique furniture around the room. We chose this setting to create an " at home" scene. There is sometimes so much going on in the room that we want to make sure you don't blend in with the setting. Going with a white dress here seemed like the perfect way to not blend in with the background and still stand out like a modern bride.


In this mommy and me photoshoot, we wanted to do a casual look. She wore a pair of jeans, button up and a simple piece for her baby. The mom originally had her hair down. I suggested if she could put it up in a messy bun to add the relaxed look. If you are looking for a casual look, I would suggest something you feel comfortable with. This can be lounging wear, or a loose dress for comfort.

outdoor photoshoot

Outdoor Outfits

Deciding on an outfit for outdoor session really depends on the season and location. here are some examples of outfits to keep in mind if you booked for a beach, outdoor field or in the mountain location.

Spring Photoshoot

There are only certain times of the year where locations are really green. Usually, it is at the end of Winter/Early Spring. This time of the year is definitely my favorite time to shoot. If you are looking for spring outdoor session, I would suggest booking for the end of February/March to capture the beautiful scenery. As a reminder, spots get filled up fast so it's better to book in advance.

Here we have different outfits with similar green open field setting. We have floral print, white outfits, creamy and baby blue. Spring is the time use your pastel colors, your floral print dress and just have fun with your outfit. I would stay away from bright reds or bright blues if possible.


Fall/Winter Outdoor

During the Fall season, it is time to bring out the warmer outfits. Maybe the knitted sweaters, coats, long sleeves etc. Creamy colors work well with the setting and also darker tones. I would suggest something that brings warmth and coziness to the photoshoot. Some other great accessories to consider are boots, hats and black or white leggings.

Beach Photoshoots

For beach photoshoots, you can do a formal look or relaxed outfit. For a formal look, we have a silk dress for her and for him, black pants and a button up. In this setting I like how white, pastel, and neutral colors work with the scenery. I would stay away from colors like red, orange, green and purple. For prints I would also stay away from stripes and polka dots. Pictures at the beach bring a sense of peace, harmony and an earthy feel. We don't want certain colors to disrupt that.

Ending Note

If you aren't sure on your outfit, please feel free to reach out and I can provide some feedback. At the end of the day, it is your choice on what to wear but if you are looking for timeless pictures, selecting an outfit that compliments the setting is key to creating beautiful images. Please keep in mind that comfort is also important. If you are not comfortable in what you are wearing, you will be able to see if that in your pictures. You should feel comfortable and enjoy your photoshoot and not worrying on wardrobe misfunctions.

I hope this was helpful but if you have any other questions, please feel free to fill out the contact sheet below!