YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!!!! AHHH! There are so many different emotions that come with finding out you are expecting. Many soon to be moms, may feel ready and prepared, while others do not know where to begin. Since I started doing maternity shoots, I've heard many stories from new moms and their journeys in becoming a parent. There are those that experience morning sickness for the first couple of months, others that last throughout the pregnancy and those lucky ones that never have to go through it at all. While everyone goes through pregnancy differently, most mommies have to make the same decision on whether they are going to do a maternity photoshoot or not.

A maternity photoshoot seems like an easy thing to decide on, but here are 3 things to keep in mind when booking one. First being .... where should I have my maternity photoshoot.

One of the first questions I ask my clients is " Do you prefer outdoor or studio?" I ask this because it depends on what vision you had in mind. Apart from just choosing between outdoor or studio, you also have to consider the conditions you are most comfortable in. Outdoor sessions are beautiful because nature is our canvas. There is nothing like the sunset in the background, the sun kissing your skin, the sounds of the birds, your toes feeling the sand. It is all its own beauty and using it as part of your photoshoot really adds that natural element.

However, part of nature includes unexpected weather conditions. Maybe a little too cold for your liking. Maybe too much wind and messing up your hair or too hot where you feel like you can't even move. It could be quite a walk for you to get to your destination and depending on how far along you are, it might not be the most comfortable thing to do.

These are all important things to consider when selecting whether you want to do outdoor or in studio session.

If it is an outdoor session you select, I can provide some options, but I ultimately want it to be something that represents you. It could be your favorite location to go and relax, or maybe a significant location.

For Esmer, the beach was where her proposal took place and where she took her graduation pictures.

It was important to her for the beach to continue to be a setting for the different milestones in her life.

Can Someone Join Me?

A maternity session is commonly known to be for the moms. Although I do like to focus on the mommies, Partners are more than welcome to join the session. If you or your partner are camera shy, do not worry! Most people are, unless you are professional model that has photoshoots every weekend of course. I understand this is something that you may struggle with, but I am here to help you through the process. Maternity sessions are around an hour long and I promise time flies during the photoshoot. We are constantly moving, talking and before you know it, we have your shots and now they get to bake in the editing room. If you are planning to include someone in the shoot, please let me know ASAP because it brings us to our third point....


Other photographers offer client closet. This means that you can rent/borrow an outfit to use for your photoshoot. This helps with the hassle of trying to find an outfit. This is great if you don't want to look for outfits yourself. I, however, do not provide outfits for maternity sessions. Everyone has different bodies and what might feel comfortable for one, may not feel comfortable for the other. If you have a vision of what you want to wear, GREAT! You are almost done with the preparations, BUT if you are struggling to create a vision of what to wear, I can help you and send you some ideas based on the location you chose.

It is important to let me know if anyone else will be joining your photoshoot so I can send you ideas based on who is going to be part of the photoshoot. The outfits should complement each other. This does not mean you need to match and wear the same thing, but we do want that colors to go work together.

My goal as your photographer is to help you prepare for your session and get the pictures you want to hang on your wall or share with friends and family.

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